Pinto Bean Powder with Salt, 50LB Bag



  • Bean Powder can be added to any sauce or stock to thicken and boost nutritional content
  • Product is packaged in the following manner
    • 50 pound bags
  • Product is kosher and parve certified
  • Product contains no known allergens
  • Facility is SQF certified.
  • Product is processed, packaged, and stored in conformance to provisions in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.
  • Country of Origin is the USA and Canada

Product Attributes

Master Case 50 LB BAG

Weight: 50

Pack: 50 LB BAG

Depth: 7 in

Height: 32 in

Width: 18 in


Shelf Life: 1 year from date of Manufacturing
Storage: Clean, dry storage <80ºF for maximum shelf-life


Cooked and Dehydrated Cooked and Dehydrated Pinto Beans, Salt

Preparation instructions

Suggested reconstitution ratio: To 2 cups boiling water add 2 cups beans.
Reduce heat, Cover and simmer 5 minutes.